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94-year-old former publisher of The Wenatchee World, Wilfred Woods, is a living historical archive unto himself. His family has owned the paper for nearly 100 years and in that time Wilfred has seen the building of the Grand Coulee Dam, which his father was instrumental in bringing into reality.

A founding father of Mission Ridge Ski & Snowboard Resort, Gordon West is truly salt of the earth. An avid lifelong outdoorsman, fly fisherman and skier, Mr. West has helped the Wenatchee Valley grow from a simple apple town into an outdoor mecca.

The first Washington State Supreme Court Justice of Latin decent, and only the second of color ever to sit on the state bench, Steve Gonzalez represents the future of our society. Smart, hardworking and with a tenacious thirst for knowledge, Justice Gonzalez has been given little for free – instead he created his own opportunities.